Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 Must Have Make-up Brushes on a Budget!

Achieving flawless make-up is as easy as a flick of the brush... er... wrist! Having the right tools can really take your make-up look to the next level. Of course we all know that brushes can be expensive, and determining what to use and where can be confusing.

We have chosen the 5 most versatile brushes for anyone looking to apply their make-up like a pro without spending money like one! 

No need to break the bank! All of the brushes we've featured are from and are under $10 (some as low as $2)!! Check their site for a huge selection of brushes, sets, and even make-up pallets.

This duel fibre beauty gives an airbrushed look without the noisy machine! It's flat bristles leave foundation, blush, or powder looking simply lovely. 

Every gal (or guy!) should own a big fluffy powder brush. The bristles allow for a more sheer application of product and cover a large surface area. Perfect for applying powder, bronzer, or blush.

Allow me to introduce you to your new best friend and one of the most versatile brushes in your growing collection: the angle brush. This amazing little guy can apply your gel or liquid liner, concealer, brow shadow, lipstick and even eye shadow. At a whopping $1.97 you can't afford NOT to have him.

With it's flat, rounded bristles, this brush will allow you to pack on color or concealer (or both!) for a flawlessly opaque finish! Remember: when layering color, press the product into the skin in a patting motion rather than rubbing it back and forth. 

Another tool capable of tackling multiple tasks flawlessly is the blending brush. Absolutely crucial for buffing away harsh lines, it separates the pro from the every day make-up wearer. Use it to softly apply color all over the lid, blend and apply crease color or even buff on your favorite concealer! 

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