Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 Beauty Bag Essentials for your Wedding Day

It's your wedding day! You've hired a glam team (hopefully, the Blend gals ;) and they have perfected your make-up. You look more beautiful than you ever could have imagined! But in the back of your mind, you know that you'll be eating, drinking, dancing, hugging, and kissing until the wee hours of the evening. Even the most durable make-up is bound to wear a little. We've compiled a list of essential products to keep you looking fresh and gorgeous on the most photographed day of your life ;) 

Touch-up Lipstick/Gloss
Lipstick/gloss will be the first thing to fade on your wedding day. Ask your make-up artist for the name of the product used on your lips. Most will offer to supply a touch-up kit for you, but you should definitely be prepared to reapply. Faded lips will make you appear washed out on camera, so touch up's are crucial!

Blotting Papers
These are a quick, no-fuss way to avoid looking shiny or sweaty on camera. Gently press these small sheets down onto oily areas (usually your t-zone) of skin to absorb excess shine. Toss the sheets when you're done! Very simple! 
Quick fix: If you've misplaced or run out of your blot papers, those protective toilet seat sheets do the exact same thing. We won't tell if you don't ;)

Compact Mirror
For obvious reasons: checking for food in your teeth, reapplying lip color, fixing stray hairs etc. 

Even with water proof mascara and liner to stand up against abundant wedding tears, smudging can still be a concern. A quick swipe of a good-ole' Q-tip under your eyes can save you from black smudges. 

Breath Mints
Ordering Caesar salad or garlic chicken to be served at your reception may have seemed delicious at the time, but with wedding kisses and guests looking to offer congratulations, the last thing you should be worried about is your breath. Classier than chewing gum, popping a quick mint in your mouth could definitely be a life-savor (pardon the pun)!

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