Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blend Bronze....

We are SO excited to announce that we now offer Mobile Spray Tan services! 

This is an incredible service for brides/bridal parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, proms/homecomings, girls night parties, or simply anyone who needs a little color in their lives!

Lisa uses handheld airbrush gun to take the time to spray every nook and cranny so that there are no streaks or missed areas. And the best part? She's able to customize a color based on your skin-tone! From slightly sun-kissed to bronzed goddess, we cover all tans and tones!

Please visit for pricing and availability.

Just one more way Blend makes your wedding day beautiful :)

This little bag turns into...
.... THIS! A personal tanning spa in your home!
 Lisa, uses an airbrush gun for a more precise coverage, enabling her to reach areas spray tan booths can't possibly get to. This allows for the most beautifully flawless finish!
 Already looking bronze! :)
What are you waiting for?? Tell your friends! Book a spray tan girls night! Discounts for the hostess... GO! ;)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Thanks to Courtney and Stephanie for letting us post these Before/After photos. Congratulations to these lovely Blend Brides :) 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bonding with our Brides :)

 Often times when we are booked for weddings we grow very attached to the bride and her family. It's such an intimate, sweet moment watching women surround themselves with people they love while they get ready for one of the most important days in their lives. Susan Hornyak beautifully captured the spirit of those moments in these photos of our incredible artist trainer, Marquia Kinard and her bride over the weekend! 

Special thanks to Susan Hornyak Photography for the photos! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Along came a Spider...

This morning as I was on my way to a wedding, I lost one of my contact lenses. There was no time to turn around and grab my glasses, so I decided to somehow work my 11 person wedding with just one contact and zero depth perception. It worked out okay until I began doing one of the bridesmaid's make-up and I noticed something moving around just above her head. I closed my left eye to confirm what I had hoped was just my blurry, squinty eyes playing tricks on me. A HUGE, disgusting, hungry-looking spider hovered about 3 inches above her head looking like he wanted to spin her into his web and EAT her for breakfast. Of course, I couldn't tell her what was actually going on because inevitably she would have freaked out, jumped up, and he'd have ended up IN her beautifully quaffed up-do. So I say, in as calm of a voice as I can muster, "Okay, now lean forward toward me just a bit" and immediately PULLED her off of the chair to safety. It was then that a few of the other ladies noticed what was going on, and started screaming. The spider, upset that I had foiled his evil plan, crawled back up into the ceiling fan never to be seen again. My bridesmaid was safe!

Not just a make-up artist folks, I'm also a hero. Thank you, thank you very much ;)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Leah Burke Curtsinger's Wedding!

Here are just a few photos from a recent wedding! Leah was a beautiful bride! I feel so special to be included in some of her photographer's pics :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MAC's New Glam Gloss Collection!

Take a peak at MAC's brand new Glam Gloss Collection launching in the US July 28th! We're loving the lavender and bold reds/corals for summer!

Also launching with the collection will be these super pigmented luscious lip liners!

As with most of MAC's new product launches, these colors will be limited. So get 'em while they last! 

*Tricks of the Trade- When using a bold lip color always go with a more neutral eye. A light colored soft shimmery shadow paired with black mascara is all you need for a gorgeous summer look!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blend Blog Make-over!

How do you like our new look?? Our blog got a make-over! ;)

We just want to take a moment to thank the INCREDIBLY talented, Kelly K Gukanovich of Kelly K. Designs & host of Charleston's "Two Girls and a Guy" morning show (yeah... she's a busy girl) for designing our beauutiful new blog! Kelly is also the creative genius behind our logo and most of the graphics on our website!

We can't wait to get down to Charleston to get our brushes on that gorgeous face of hers!

Pssst... Brides: Her "Save the Date" designs are STUNNING! Really. Tell her we sent you! Yup. You're welcome ;)

Please contact her at: for all of your graphic needs! You'll be glad you did!

Gaga Goes Green

It's quite an understatement to say that Gaga is ahead of the fashion curve, but she may have crossed into a whole new HAIRitory at the 2011 Much Music Awards! What did you guys think of Gaga's green locks? Would you ever have the guts to go green Gaga style?

*photo courtesy of WENN images

Here's to the Dads

Here's to the dads who tell us we don't need the make-up. Here's to the dads who sit in the comfy chairs at Nordstrom while we spend all too much time floating from make-up counter to make-up counter. Here's to the dads who don't mind smeared mascara on their shoulders when a silly boy causes it to run.  Here's to the dads for loving their little girls for being exactly who they want to be!

Happy Father's Day to all the incredible Dads... but especially mine ;)

Paulina Before and After

Beautiful Paulina wanted a softer more natural look for her wedding make-up and we were happy to oblige!

Eyes: Soft browns and neutral pinks complimented her olive undertone without overpowering her eyes. We added emphasis with liquid liner on top, individual lashes and a few coats of mascara.

Skin: Airbrush foundation and a concealer slightly lighter than her natural skin-tone created dimension and gave her a flawless finish. We set the look with a soft shimmer powder for durability.

Lips: A neutral lipstick allowed the eyes to remain the focus. A top coat of a gloss with a little extra shine made for extra kissable lips :)

Thanks so much to Paulina for allowing us to post her Before/After shots! 

New WMAL Morning Show!

This morning we were so excited to be invited to the WMAL studio to beautify their brand new morning show hosts for their promotional photos! There wasn't a "face for radio" in the bunch. What a gorgeous group! Thanks to traffic reporters, Lisa Baden and Jamee Whitten, as well as Bryan Nehman, Brian Wilson, the gorgeous Mary Katharine Ham, and producer, Heather Smith for making us feel so welcome! 

Below are a few in progress photos! Check back for the finished product taken by photographer, Leo Druker.

The Perfect (Fake) Tan!

As the heat forges on and hemlines rise with the temperature, it's not always convenient to spend hours on end lounging poolside for the perfect summer glow. But with the dangers of indoor tanning and irritatingly runny, smelly self tanners as our only other option, what's a fair-skinned girl to do?

I'd often heard talk about St. Tropez products, but had always written them off as just another false promise of tan from a bottle that would result in streaky legs and an orange glow that only Snookie could love. In a desperate attempt to do something about my blindingly white legs, I decided to give the bronzing mousse a go. Trust me when I say, this product blew me away! Infused with aloe vera (to add a little moisture), it gives a beautifully natural looking instant tan with no weird self tanner smell. However, be sure to wash your hands after every larger section has been covered. The "instant tan" boosted by St. Tropez can instantly tan your palms if you're not careful. The color lasts about 2 days, and fades evenly as long as you remember to exfoliate in the shower. 

How to use it on a daily basis: I apply the mousse on my face, neck, and shoulders before my moisturizer and primer for a subtle glow. Then wait a few minutes, and carry on with my normal make-up routine. 

Overall, it's a GREAT product and I'm happy to help fellow pasty princesses everywhere :)

*A press sample of the product featured may have been provided by brand or brand representative for editorial consideration. Please see disclosure policy for complete information.

Celeste Before/After

The beautiful miss Celeste bravely allowed us to take a "before/after" shot of her today at her trial! Of course she looked beautiful before as well as after, but it's always fun to see the transformation make-up can make. 

We look forward to posting many more before/after shots in the future! Let us know what you think :)

Chilli Amar Wedding Day

Recently, we had the great pleasure of working with the fabulous Chilli Amar of MIX 107.3! I can honestly say, she was one of the most calm and fun loving brides I've worked with. Photographer, Matt Mendelsohn was kind enough to take a few photos of us getting her ready and here they are! Her lovely hair was courtesy of Devon Baltimore! What a fun day!

Megan Durst Wedding

Hello everyone!

Here are a few photos of one of our recent brides, Megan Durst! We did the make-up for her, 6 of her bridesmaids, and her lovely mother. So often I have wedding parties who choose to look natural (always a good choice!), but a few of these ladies weren't afraid of a little color- so we went for it! I had a blast! Thanks again to Megan and her family!