Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Perfect (Fake) Tan!

As the heat forges on and hemlines rise with the temperature, it's not always convenient to spend hours on end lounging poolside for the perfect summer glow. But with the dangers of indoor tanning and irritatingly runny, smelly self tanners as our only other option, what's a fair-skinned girl to do?

I'd often heard talk about St. Tropez products, but had always written them off as just another false promise of tan from a bottle that would result in streaky legs and an orange glow that only Snookie could love. In a desperate attempt to do something about my blindingly white legs, I decided to give the bronzing mousse a go. Trust me when I say, this product blew me away! Infused with aloe vera (to add a little moisture), it gives a beautifully natural looking instant tan with no weird self tanner smell. However, be sure to wash your hands after every larger section has been covered. The "instant tan" boosted by St. Tropez can instantly tan your palms if you're not careful. The color lasts about 2 days, and fades evenly as long as you remember to exfoliate in the shower. 

How to use it on a daily basis: I apply the mousse on my face, neck, and shoulders before my moisturizer and primer for a subtle glow. Then wait a few minutes, and carry on with my normal make-up routine. 

Overall, it's a GREAT product and I'm happy to help fellow pasty princesses everywhere :)

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