Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blend Couture- Custom Lipstick, Gloss, Foundation, Concealers!

“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to a whole new world of cosmetics!

After years of working for major cosmetic companies, trying to help women find that “perfect” lipstick and foundation, Blend has come to a bold conclusion: One size does not fit all.

Think about it: we all customize our clothing, jewelry and hairstyles.
Why not customize cosmetics?
Get ready to think outside the make-up counter! 

Blend Make-up Artistry is proud to announce . . . Blend Couture

 At your Blend Couture session, your personal make-up artist works with you, while YOU choose your colors, base, toners, and coverage.  Even add a touch of glam with frost or glitter pigment! Take advantage of our skin-care additives like SPF, Anti-Aging, Botanical Extract, Oil Control, or Ultra-Hydrating Formulas.  All can be added to your products to suit your specific skin-care needs!

Imagine, creating your own go-to lip-gloss, or lip color for your special event. Oh, and the best part… YOU get to name it!

It’s uniquely yours. It’s Couture.

Blend Couture grants you the freedom to express your mood, recreate a favorite discontinued product, and follow the most current beauty trends before they hit the stores. Steering clear of mineral oil, petroleum, animal by-products and parabens, our products are mineral and botanically based for healthy, flawless skin. 

Blend Couture’s services include any or all of the following products:
Custom lipstick, gloss, foundation, and concealer. 

Don’t waste another minute in the department store!
Contact us to begin for your Blend Couture experience.

Here's how it works: Lipstick/Gloss
Choose your color pigment! From sexy red to a muted nude and everything in between, we can help you mix and match to achieve your look!

Next we measure your pigment based on the color you're going for! Want more red? Brown? Neutral? Just let us know!

After you choose your colors, we pick a base color that suits your needs. If you prefer more coverage and a longer lasting finish, matte base would be your best bet! More sheer, almost gloss-like consistency kind of gal? You'll love our butter base!

Add a touch of frost or glitter pigment for high-glam!

Add your choice of delicious smelling scents, and skin-care additives! SPF, Anti-Aging, and Hydrators can all be added to your lipstick to suit your specific needs!

Time to make a mess! Mix, mix, mix!

Now that you love your color, we pour the product into our mold.

Choose your lipstick casing!

Voila! Your brand new lipstick! 

Don't forget to name your gorgeous new lipstick! 

How it works: Foundation/Concealer
First we choose your base color. Select from Oil-Free (for oily skin), and Enriched Formulas (for dry skin) based on your skin-type. 

Next we select your toner. Have excess redness? We balance that with a green toner. Very olive skin? You could benefit from a bit of pink toner. Working on a tan? Yellow-brown could be for you!

Prefer lots of coverage? We can add thickener to give you a matte, full-coverage effect. Alternatively, we can thin out the product for a more sheer result. 

Don't forget the amazing skin-care additives! SPF, Pearlized Pigment, Anti-Aging, Botanical Extract, Oil Control, or Ultra-Hydrating Formulas can all be added to your products to suit your every wish!

We are SO excited to share this new venture with our clients. Now offering discounts for girls nights! Grab a group of girlfriends and let's talk make-up! Can't wait to hear from you.

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