Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kim Kardashian Dishes Beauty Secrets!

Whenever we ask clients to bring along a few pictures as examples of how they'd like their make-up to look for their event, inevitably included among them is a photo of Kim Kardashian. Known (and envied) for her gorgeous olive skin, nude lip (one of Kim's fav lip colors is "Angel" by MAC) and ever-present smokey eye, she has become a go-to celeb for hot trends in beauty and fashion. Recently, she dished some of her favorite go-to beauty products! Nars, and Lancome sales are sure to spike with this glowing endorsement from Ms. K.  She says:

"I love a brown smoky eye. You really have to circle your eyes with color for the best effect. I switch to grey or black depending on what I'm wearing. I always curl [my lashes] and then wiggle Lancome mascara through twice. I love blush inOrgasm by NARS. It goes everywhere with me and looks great on olive skin tones like mine."

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