Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Perfect Brow

By:  Blend Makeup Artistry
Ryan Krasney, Kathy Schultz, and Marquia Kinard

Let’s face it, cleanly shaped brows can drastically change a person’s entire look. Well defined brows make a huge difference in shaping the face and completing a beautiful makeup application.  They also make for a flawless photograph by really defining those eyes you worked so hard on!  So, get ready to practice, ladies. The Blend team has compiled the hottest secrets of celebrity-brow gurus, along with what we’ve discovered in our own experiences with clients (the good, the bad, and the caterpillar brows).  The result ~ fool proof, lovely eyebrows!  

1.     Groom the brow. Using an upward and outward stroke, brush brows moving in   the direction of the hair growth. 

Tip:  A wise woman once told me, “Eyebrows are sisters, not twins.” Don’t expect one brow to be an exact mirror image of the other, it just ain’t gunna happen, sister. Let it go!

2.     Select color of shadow and/or eyebrow pencil. If you’re unsure, a good rule of thumb is to choose a tone one shade lighter than your current hair color.

Tip: Do not use black liner or pencil in your brow!  It will look harsh no matter what your natural skin tone or hair color.  Avoid it!

3.     Gently lift the brow at its arch.  Using eyebrow pencil softly outline bottom of brow. 

4.      Now, using brow shadow, take an angled brush and dip into shadow. 

Tip: To avoid putting too much product in one place, be sure to tap any excess shadow off of your brush. This keeps the application naturally gorgeous. Less is more!

5.    Once again, lifting brow at arch, brush product in an upward motion starting at the inner corner of brow. Continue to fill in brow using small strokes following the natural direction of the hair.  Use as much shadow as needed, remembering to tap off excess. (Don’t worry about any stray hairs right now, we’ll show you how to fix that later) 

Tip: Hold brush so that the pointed side of the angle is pointed towards inner corner of brow. 

6.     Now that the brow is filled in and looking fabulous, choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone.  Using a small concealer brush, saturate both sides of concealer brush with product. (Trust us... this is the fun part!)

7.     Starting at the inner corner of the brow just below the hairline, draw a line of concealer following the natural shape of the brow. 

Tip: This is an amazing trick if you haven’t had time to tweeze or wax. The concealer will actually hide any small hairs that have grown back!

8.     Wipe down concealer brush and then blend concealer down into brow bone.  Blend in any excess product.  This is the Hollywood secret for really defining and getting that beautiful brow shape.

9.     Remember we promised to show how to fix those pesky strays? This is the step! Ready? So easy... simply use an eyebrow gel or clear mascara! Gently brush the product through brow hair in an upward and slightly outward direction. 

Now, step back and make sure both brows are balanced. Despite lining, concealing and filling them in, you should be seeing a soft definition.
Voilà....perfect brows!

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