Saturday, June 25, 2011

Along came a Spider...

This morning as I was on my way to a wedding, I lost one of my contact lenses. There was no time to turn around and grab my glasses, so I decided to somehow work my 11 person wedding with just one contact and zero depth perception. It worked out okay until I began doing one of the bridesmaid's make-up and I noticed something moving around just above her head. I closed my left eye to confirm what I had hoped was just my blurry, squinty eyes playing tricks on me. A HUGE, disgusting, hungry-looking spider hovered about 3 inches above her head looking like he wanted to spin her into his web and EAT her for breakfast. Of course, I couldn't tell her what was actually going on because inevitably she would have freaked out, jumped up, and he'd have ended up IN her beautifully quaffed up-do. So I say, in as calm of a voice as I can muster, "Okay, now lean forward toward me just a bit" and immediately PULLED her off of the chair to safety. It was then that a few of the other ladies noticed what was going on, and started screaming. The spider, upset that I had foiled his evil plan, crawled back up into the ceiling fan never to be seen again. My bridesmaid was safe!

Not just a make-up artist folks, I'm also a hero. Thank you, thank you very much ;)

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